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Contacts (Talk Groups)

Please note with the GD-77 Talk Group numbers are entered into the ‘Contacts’ section, both on the radio and in the software.

For a detailed explanation of what Talk Groups are, why and how they are used and listing the different TG numbers used for various regions around the world please see the DMR Basics page.

Below is an image of the Contact list in my Code Plug with the complete list in the background accessed by double clicking the ‘Digital Contact’ folder in the Treeview along with the Edit pop-up window for the first Contact in the list.

The spread sheet view cannot be edited directly and each Contact (Talk Group) has to be created separately by right clicking on the ‘Digital Contact’ folder and selecting ‘Add, Group Call’.

To edit a contact later double click either the number on the left of the spread sheet view or the item in the Digital Contact list in the Treeview.