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Updating the GD-77 and installing the ID Library

Interface Cable

The interface cable used with the GD-77 is the same as the one used by the TYT DM-380 and is completely different from the cables used by most other radios.

Instead of appearing as a serial port which has to be installed using driver software which is how most radios communicate with computers the GD-77 radio when connected to a computer appears to be an Human Interface Device, specifically a mouse.

This has the advantage that no drivers are needed to get the radio to talk to computers using any Windows system from XP to 10.

It is slightly confusing for anyone used to cables for other radios since there is no reaction when the USB plug on the GD-77 cable is plugged into the computer, in fact nothing happens until both ends are connected and the radio is turned on, at which  point the mouse drivers are loaded, however many times it has been connected in the past.

As long as you wait until the ‘Your device is ready to use’ message comes up the first time it’s plugged in before you actually try to send or receive files to or from the radio there should be no problems.

Note: It is best to make sure the radio is off before plugging or unplugging the interface cable from it.

Updating the Firmware and Software

There are various versions of the programming software available from the Radioddity website and it is recommended to update both the firmware in the radio and the programming software to the latest versions since this enables the most features and options in the radio.

In the latest version (at the time of writing, May 2018, this is V3.1.1) the number of contacts and the quantities of entries in other lists have been increased plus a new system called the ID Library has been introduced which allows the radio to display the call sign of the station calling on the DMR system to be displayed instead of their DMR ID number.

Up to 10,000 entries can be loaded into the ID Library in the radio from csv files and there is a simple system available on a web site to pick which of the worlds huge number of DMR IDs are actually loaded.

Below is a downloadable csv file containing the DMR IDs for the UK as of 14/5/2018.

GD-77 DMR UK IDs   just right click and select ‘Save link as..’ from the pop up menu.

The DMR IDs are not loaded into the radio with the software used so far but another program called

ActiveClient.exe which is included in the download package from Radioddity in a folder named DMR ID

along with a sample DMR ID csv file.

To actually perform the upload switch off the radio, close the normal program you have been using so far, start the ActiveClient.exe program and load the DMR ID csv file into it.

Then to put the radio in the correct mode for reading & writing the DMR ID database do the following:

Press and hold: Side Key 2 (the lower one), the green menu key, and the # key.

While these three keys are pressed, turn on the radio.

Release the three keys. You’re read to read & write the DMR ID database.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT perform a Factory Reset with any Firmware later than V2.6.3 installed.

Although I haven’t had experience of it myself it has been reported by several users that a Factory Reset with anything later than V2.6.3 installed in the radio will cause it to lock up completely.

There is a way to recover from this but it is apparently quite complicated and can be found on the GD-77 Facebook Group.

If you need to perform a Factory Reset for any reason install firmware V2.6.3, do the reset by switching the radio on with SK1 and the number 1 button held down and then re-install V3.1.1.

There is a link to the download site for Firmware V2.6.3 on the GD-77 Facebook Group.