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Stewart Repair Services

Professional Audio Repair Services

Stewart Repair Services

is a private company which specialises in Professional Audio Repair.

All types of Transistor, Valve and FET based Power Amplifiers, Mixing Consoles and Ancilliary Equipment repaired.

Old Guitar and HI-Fi amplifiers a speciality.

Also Computer Systems Advice, Recovery and Setup undertaken. Please call for up to date prices on any required Computer Hardware.

The company is based in Halesowen West Midlands.

Any enquiries about our services should be sent to the E-mail address below.

Stewart Repair Services

43 Newlands Drive,
West Midlands,
B62 9DX.

Cell: 07860 291762

Tel: 0121 422 6170


Rebis Audio User Guides

Don Stewart, the owner of Stewart Repair Services, used

to be one of the directors and the electronic designer at

Rebis Audio Ltd., which was a manufacturer of recording studio equipment through the late 1970s and the 1980s.

The products manufactured included 1U and 2U high two channel and four channel compressors, parametric equalisers and gates, including the MIDI-Gate, and the 3U high

RA200 Modular Rack System.

Scanned copies of the user guides for some of the range of Rebis Audio products are listed below.

These User Guides are complete apart from the circuit diagrams which have been removed since the circuits are now the intellectual property of Audio Developments Ltd

or Klark Teknik (MUSIC Group IP Ltd).

This list will be added to when more manuals are scanned.

Right click and select ‘Save link as...’ to save as PDF.

  RA201 Noise Gate

  RA202 De-esser

  RA203 Compressor/Limiter

  RA205, RA208, RA209 Delay System

  RA207 LED Meter

  RA215, 216 Pan System

  RA220 Hi-Com Noise Reduction

  RA222 VCA Noise Gate

  RA223 VCA Compressor, Limiter, Gate

  RA224 VCA Filter Gate

  RA226 Digital Sampler

  RA302 Stereo VCA Compressor

  RA303 Stereo Compressor, Limiter, Expander, Gate

  RA402 Stereo Four Band Parametric Equaliser

  RA701 MIDI Gate

  RA702 Multi Gate  

If you found the Rebis Audio User Guides useful please consider making a

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Thank you.