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Radio Home

At the moment the following pages are limited to various tips and guides on setting up and using the

Radioddity GD-77 Dual band DMR radio using the programming software supplied.

More pages on subjects to do with different aspects of the hobby of ham radio may be added in the future.

DMR Basics

Updating the GD-77

Creating a ‘Code Plug’ for the GD-77 radio

Contacts (Talk Groups)

Rx Group List


Scan Lists


The information on these pages is meant for radio hams with some experience of VHF/UHF radios, analogue repeaters and standard programming software (such as for the Baofeng UV-5R) but who are beginners with the GD-77 and DMR.

Most of it is from my personal experience with the radio plus a few things I have picked up from items on various Facebook groups and other websites.

If any experts on DMR or the GD-77 notice any glaring errors on the site which should be corrected please feel free to contact me at or with your suggestions.

I do not purport to being an expert on either myself but I have been involved in electronics in one way or another for over forty years and in ham radio for the last five years.

I only bought a GD-77 a few months ago and initially found it extremely confusing to set up and work compared to analogue radios.

Once I got to grips with the radio and the system I noticed from comments on various Facebook groups that other people were having the same or worse problems getting started with digital so I decided to offer what help I could through these pages.