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Scan Lists

Scan lists are pretty straightforward and are just lists of channels that can be scanned when a particular channel is selected and can be chosen when programming each channel.

For this reason it is best to create your empty Scan Lists before starting to program your channels as they are easy to populate later with the relevant channels and it saves having to edit every channel later if you create them after programming the channels.

In my Code Plug I have created Scan Lists which match the Zone lists exactly, this way the radio will scan all the channels in whichever Zone is currently selected, but other schemes are possible.

The channels in each Scan List are selected from the Channel list on the left and added or removed from the Scan List on the right with the buttons in the centre.

The Scan List can be re-ordered by selecting channels and using the buttons on the right.

Note: Due to an error in the software the top item in the Scan List box, ‘001 Selected’ cannot be deleted or moved but this is not a problem as there can be more than 16 items in a Scan List.

Other options selectable in the Scan List window will be familiar to anyone used to programming scanners such as Priority Channels and Sample Times.

Some other variables which you might expect to find in this window such as Hang Times are set for all Scan Lists by double clicking on the ‘Scan’ folder in the Treeview.