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One item in the program software window which might be new to people more used to programming analogue radios is the ‘Zone’ folder.

Zones are just collections of channels which can be accessed directly using the buttons on the radio and on the GD-77 are limited to a maximum of 16 channels per Zone with a maximum of 250 Zones.

This is not as limiting as it might seem as all the VHF or UHF analogue repeaters or all the Simplex DMR channels and up to 10 DMR repeaters can be programmed into separate Zones.

It is very unlikely that there would ever be more than 10 DMR repeaters accessible from any location in the UK.

From the image below it can be seen that in my Code Plug I have set up 7 Zones for the previously mentioned VHF and UHF analogue repeaters plus the VHF and UHF DMR repeaters along with Zones for the simplex VHF and UHF analogue channels (two Zones for the VHF frequencies).

I have also created a Zone with different Talk Groups and Time Slots all on my local repeater for when I’m using the radio with a portable antenna, the other repeater Zones are only really usable with one of my shack antennas attached to the radio.


The channels in each Zone are selected from the Channel list on the left and added or removed from the Zone list on the right with the buttons in the centre.

The Zone list can be re-ordered by selecting channels and using the buttons on the right.

Double clicking the Zone folder in the Treeview allows you to select which Zones and Channels within each Zone are displayed on the top and bottom lines of the display on the radio after programming.

Two Zones can be in use on the radio at the same time, one on the top line of the display and the other on the bottom line.

On my Radio I have the UHF DMR repeaters on the top line and the VHF FM analogue repeaters on the bottom line most of the time as these are the busiest bands in my area.